A vast store of information is available. For more than ten years, it has been submitted daily by correspondents. These are University staff and top-level researchers who store overviews in the data bases.

The contents of these data bases have three functions:

  • first, the clarification of information gathered from the media and other sources which may be of interest to those responsible for decision-making, who in this way gain access to a mine of documented information.

  • second, aimed at those charged with major strategic choices, notably on a ten, twenty, or even thirty year timescale, there is the intention of providing certainty about the economic, social, financial and technological environment at national and international level in which they must operate.

  • third, there is the offering of constantly updated information to trainers, to be used, for example, in a context of research and/or training programmes.

    The "Chedaïl" concept is highly original. It brings together the essentials for supplying information that has been drawn from numerous sources, analyzed and commented upon. It covers Economics, Finance, Stock-Market, Social Climate, International events and Geo-political and Geo-strategic changes underway all across the globe.

    Unfortunately, minor lapses on our part have recently allowed unauthorized or "pirate" downloading of a number of documents. As a result, we are not in a position for the time being to give direct online access to our databases. There are two reasons for this decision. On the one hand, we have to respect the wishes of the authors who have produced the analyses. On the other hand, we must also ensure that the system, conceived and put in place at the cost of great efforts over several years, can provide a stable long-term service to our readers.

    We truly regret the need for these measures, since as a result, a large number of our readers will suffer inconvenience. It also imposes extra work on the team that is constantly ready to receive your queries by telephone, fax, teleprinter, e-mail, or post.