This is to inform our readers that with effect from January 2003, access to the OMG/GWO S.A. Inc. websites will involve payment.

In fact, it was with a view to allowing readers to become familiar with the various websites, getting a better grasp of the menus offered, and acquiring an acquaintance with their contents, and to verify that they were relevant and reliable, that we voluntarily left access to them free from payment for the whole of the last twelve months.

To see the terms and conditions and methods of payment, readers should consult the Orders section.

Hoping that this phase will have allowed many of our readers to gather the extent of what the sites offer, the whole OMG/GWO S.A. Inc. team would like to thank them for their loyalty and interest.

31 December 2002

The OMG/GWO S.A. Inc. Team.