The Geostrategic World Observatory Inc. has as its main aim the processing of data from all fields of research, studies, analyses, and consultancy services which can serve to provide a framework of documentation that will aid decision making, as well as efficient tools for forecasts and predictions. The Geostrategic World Observatory was established in April 2001. Its headquarters are in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the heart of Europe.

The idea of the Observatory goes back to 1991. In that year economic, social and financial data began to be accumulated in a database, though without direct links among them. It was only in 1994 that the overall structure it would have finally took shape.

It was in June 1996 when the Observatory first began project operations. The Company had regard to the contents of its gradually accumulating large knowledge base. It also had to take into account the budgetary and financial constraints within which it had to operate, and the fact that demand was from sectors having little familiarity with research, but with an intensely felt though ill-defined need for its products in the context of globalization of markets.

Europe remains a centre of interest for its researchers in their analyses, studies and overviews. However, above all in view of events occurring in the Balkans and elsewhere, other geographic zones including North America, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa, are also targets for their research efforts.

The OMG/GWO S.A. Inc., is a new European enterprise. From its central position in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, it already exploits computer system networks via the Internet and other connections. It will soon be adding telecommunications via satellite links to facilitate the transmission of digitized data to areas lacking cables and/or radio stations.

The Geostrategic World Observatory Inc. aspires to offer a quality service at high speed providing information on all the sectors of activity requiring coverage.