This section "Reports in 2010 " allows to bring to light what was announced there are about twenty years, particulary about the Agreements of Free Exchange of the NAFTA in Amerique of North. But they are not exhaustive.

It is elaborated with regard to the past experiments so professionnal as personnal and completes the projected analyses published on internet or on paper support but in restricted broadcasting.

Numerous events arise at present and they are only begining !
So, it is proposed to the Readers :

  • "Le Québec à la croisée des chemins" - Version Originale de UQAR - INFO du 7 Janvier 1992
    Le Québec à la croisée des chemins - Québec - CANADA

  • "Accords de Libre-Echange ALENA 2010" - Document RESEAU VOLTAIRE - 12 Avril 2010
    Les USA, le Canada et le Mexique arment l'ALENA - RESEAU VOLTAIRE

  • "Militarisation croissante de l'espace transfrontalier entre les Etats-Unis et le Mexique" - Document MONDIALISATION CANADA - 22 Août 2010
    Militarisation croissante de l'espace Nord-Américain - MONDIALISATION CANADA

  • "Sud Goëlo Infos" - Publication Février 2005
    Sud Goëlo Infos - Bretagne - FRANCE

    Dr. Marc LAMBINET, Ph.D

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