YEAR 2010

At this beginning of year 2010, the crisis continues and is not ready to end. Indeed, it began years well before the months of August - September on 2008 !

It is a systematic crisis , at once cyclical and structural crisis... This recession bases mainly on :
. the greed
. the free market of the economic societies
. the free traffic of the capital
. the obsession of the short-term profit
. the dereglementations

The " economic and political elites " do not become aware of it! Some claim that the " crisis is finished ", can be for a minority... but not for a multitude... !

It is the bankruptcy of a whole system, to question immediately because it engenders :
. the increase of the disparities
. the climb of the poverty
. the escalation of the environmental crisis
. the release of crises in crises...
. the destabilization of the world economy

It is urgent to restructure the Economy..... ..... Because of new "Crash" are to be afraid, and this systematic crisis will still last years.

In summary, all these dysfunctions are the symptoms of the more global truth : The world Economy crosses seismic turnovers... because the globalization was translated by a geographical movement of the production and the comparative advantage towards China, India, Brazil and other developing countries to the detriment of Europe and of North America !

Is not the New World Economic Order going to be centred on China and America ?

We deeply undertake you to read again the Note of 26 March 2009 about the overpopulation, the famine and the rebellion of the Nature.

February 22 th, 2010
Administrateur Unique
Observatoire Mondial Géostratégique S.A. Luxembourg