YEAR 2011

The recession continues in spite of " some shy signs " which could let imagine that we are in "comment crisis" ! In reality, this crisis began in the end of April, 2000 - the beginning of May, 2000 with a complete reversal of trend (in spin) then a break , rare phenomenon , and not a break of trend then a reversal (a fall) of trend as a result of this break : they are two distinct and different phenomena !

We undergo the consequences of the first phenomenon since April-May on 2000, which engendered, from " consequences to consequences ", the banking and financial crisis of the months of August-September on 2008 !

In fact, the new Economy based on the technologies of information and the communication (which internet, in April-May on 2000) believed it could substitute itself for the former Economy : here is the result !

Now, for year 2011 , this systematic crisis is going to continue, especially since the events of the months of August-September 2008 revealed the blatant lack of liquid assets and finance of Banking system! Unless it is " a strategy " to be able to "get" funds with States sought to remedy the stock market crisis and financial ? And by consequences, better "To keep on a lead" them for the continuation , even to impoverish them ? The question remains composed... Or simply by incompetence and lack of vision of Future ?

This world economic crisis contributes to the increase of social inequalities, as well inside countries, that between them ! But, also shoot :
. in the excessive debts and its gigantic development
. in the financing of long-term investments with funds borrowed in the short term
. in the instability of the financial and monetary system
. in the massive speculation
. in the distribution of the same crisis

What is going to provoke :
. the rise in prices and their collapse
. the rise in prices of disproportionate stock exchange towards the real economy
. the increase of the value of the gold, without limit ..., because this one becomes a safe investment
. massive movements of capitals
. a distance growing as for the parity between the Euro and the Dollar ...
. the creation and the destruction of means of payment by the mechanism of credit
. the sharp increase in oil prices

But moreover, for all the regions of the world, this deep economic recession is going to pull :
. the unemployment of mass
. the closure of activities and\or the relocation of these in regions in the lesser wage costs ...
. the impoverishment of million persons
. the collapse of state social programs
. a " war without borders " !

However, a restructuring of the world economy is in progress by precise strategic objectives, concerns of national security , this thanks to military programs.

This world recession also serves to conceal, incidentally :
. the incompetence
. the corruption
. the financial manipulation
. the fraud
. the deceit

Of whom ? ... while masking the decline of the world economic and financial system and its "devastating" effects on the life of the population.

In conclusion, year 2011 will be the worse than the previous ones by a national debt insuperable, unprecedented bankruptcies by a micro-economic phenomenon, and whole sectors state economies stopping their activities ... The economic cycle coming down in which one we find us has not reached " its hollow " yet! The economic recovery is one myth because this economic cycle masks totally an understanding of the structural origins - thus systematics - and history of the world economic crisis ! Furthermore, the media disinformation serves the interests of someone, that they are institutional or deprived, so despoiling the multitude of necessary wealth only for its survival !

Finally, it is hinted of " unreglementation " , term used to develop better sophisticated instruments of manipulation and pure and simple deceits, thanks to information privileged and a good knowledge of the set up system. This " economic war " absolute is led by the free market. It pulls (entails): the unemployment, the poverty, the disease. Observe the life real of million persons since about twenty years. The purchasing power of people is destroyed and their life takes a nose dive !

This economic and social crisis is far from having reached its paroxysm : whole countries are in danger, among which Iceland, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, to quote only those ! That the Reader holds : " the war " and " the economy " are strictly connected ...

For the rest, we can only suggest to the Reader to consult the Forecasts Notes of March 26 th, 2009, HORIZON 2010 - on 2030 :

Nevertheless, we wish you one Happy New Year on 2011 !

January 01 st, 2011
Administrateur Unique
Observatoire Mondial Géostratégique S.A. Luxembourg