YEAR 2012

Year 2012 is, and will be characterized by a continuation of the recession throughout this one, and even indeed beyond in 2013 ... : This recession is far from being ended ! See our comments drafted at the beginning of the year on 2009, 2010 and 2011 by the following links :

. YEAR 2009 :
. YEAR 2010 :
. YEAR 2011 :

Because the successive financial crises reveal on the world financial crisis :

. structural problems of the capitalism threatening the survival of the System !
. a fight (wrestling) been incensed for markets (frankly and arrogantly)

Before being "cyclical" , the origins of the world economic and financial crisis are "structural " and " systematic" : It has been years since we stop repeating it !

As we wrote it previously, this economic and financial crisis is deep and pulls :

. the unemployment of mass
. the impoverishment of million persons
. the collapse of state social programs
. the restructuring of the world economy by means of a world process of militarization
. the preservation of strategic objectives and national security by a transformation of the world financial architecture

For the benefit of whom ? Of what ? You guessed well ! This powerful elite of militaro-industrial companies "cuts through" inmanquablement the functions of the civil Governments ! The notion of "Democracy" seems not to be more than a "memory" because the state economies are under the control of the world plutocracy which forced them to an excessive debt so public as private voluntarily.

To convince itself about these militaro-industrial companies, it is enough to the Reader warned to inquire more in detail on :

. Council on Foreign Relations - USA
. The FED - US Federal Reserve
. The Bank for International Settlements - BIS - USA
. The International Monetary Fund - USA
. The World Bank - USA
. Wall Street
. etc.…

In fact, it is of powerful financial actors who pull " threads " by influencing the course of the economic events.

But, this is not our comment in this Projected Note for year 2012.

The " programs of austerity " replaced the " budgetary cuts " as if the functioning of States and the individuals must be condemned to enslave better the Peoples … These drastic programs (of whom(which) the reduction of the amount of the pensions) are going to deprive the Peoples of their fundamental rights for quality public utilities and also contribute to the deterioration of their regime of life. In brief, they lead towards a general impoverishment!

Indeed, in the analysis of the following factors :

. the fall of consumer spending
. the global deterioration of the standards of living of the households
. the collapse of the labor market
. the disturbance and the delay of the payment of salaries
. the decrease of the expenses bound to the properties and the essential services

It emerges that the whole structure of the international trade and the foodstuffs is totally compromised and the system of regulation of the monetary transactions is unbalanced !

This entraine :

. a "unlimited" fall of the purchasing power
. a considerable reduction of the system of production
. a general series of suspensions by the closure of factories and bankruptcies

And thus, by consequences, in a demobilization of the human and material resources further to the fall in demand of consumer goods and the frost of the credit.

The public opinion is voluntarily misled as for the causes and for the consequences of the economic, social, financial crisis,

Hundreds of million persons through the planet are plunged into the poverty and the distress because of this " destruction checked and decided " on the world Economy ...

In this context, one by one conquests of the workers gained after long and expensive fights are eliminated in the developed countries, in the name of the competitiveness and of the fiscal austerity or still to strengthen and strengthen the "Diktat" of the financial Capital on savings and the Peoples …

All our analyses concern various geographical zones of the world scene but also certain even perceptible potential business sectors. Thus, we cannot ignore what it happens in the Arabic World, in height " ébulition ", beyond the Economy of the Oil and the problems of Defense. See on this matter by the following links :

More particularly in the paragraph N°06 : 11 years ago already ...!

Because, we shall attend during year 2012 in :

. a strong increase of the oil price
. a strong increase of the price of raw materials

The Geostrategic World Observatory Inc. (GWO INC. Company) is a Luxemburg, thus European legal structure, also we carry also quite particularly our attention on Europe.

Year 2012 : the end of the "Eurozone" and " the Euro " ? Dislocation of the European Union ?

But not of Europe !

If the crisis of the debt in "Eurozone" cannot be settled, and if "Eurozone" continues to crack, Europe is in danger and it "implodes" …

To save the monetary Union, and thus "Eurozone", we do have to think of restricting "Eurozone" and of proceeding with the exception of States not filling the financial conditions to continue to stay in this one ?

And on the other hand, the heart of Europe is not the Euro, otherwise one would reduce Europe to one carry currency : in this pushed logic extremely, in the disappearance of the Euro there would not be Europe anymore, but while are, and while represent the Peoples of Europe for Centuries ? Of the cattle ? Villains ? Beggar ? Serfs ? In spite of the conflicts, the fratricide wars, the tensions, it is the Peoples of Europe that are the base of Europe …

We wish "to save" the Euro ? Short of Treaties and of legal texts ? And the Peoples, whom do we make ?

Then in when the Political Union of Europe and an European Federation ?

See the work drafted from 1987 till 1990 and published in the UQAR - Rimouski - CANADA in February, 1993 by the link :

In conclusion, year 2012 will be the worse than the previous ones and graver still than year 2011 !

The current effects of the economic and financial crisis will be very long-lasting and the " financial actors are elaborating ingredients " of the future disaster …

After the explosion of the speculative bubble of the real estate, we shall attend the explosion of the speculative bubble of raw materials and this with the short-term very likely end ! This time, there will be doubtless no States to save banks in trouble, and it will be necessary to choose between the "bankruptcy" or the Bank of China !

Gold, the US Debt seems less dangerous than the Debt EU because :

. the debt of the USA exceeded the ceiling of the 15.000 billions of US (it represents 99 % of the B.I.P.)
. the European crisis of the debts remains more dangerous than that of the USA (for reasons which we can explain)

The American politics to devalue the US dollar would pull an uncontrolled fall of the US dollar and a world financial collapse because the central banks of the various countries compete to make lower the value of their currencies.

Europe will belong to the private Banks and to Goldmann Sachs USA in the future ... ?

If it is not already realized !

Stock exchanges, continue and will continue their dives: stock exchanges in Asia, in the United States and in Europe, tumble in front of growing fears of the convincing slowing down of the world Economy and the continuation of the recession and the debts generalized by States !

This historic economic disaster is identical to the big depression of the 1930s, and can lead in the end of Europe only to a war ...: All the roads lead towards the economic collapse and the war ...

War in Europe ?... Due to the bankruptcies of numerous States and to the stoppage of payment ? Useless to name them !

If the European Union would not be capable of surviving, with the consequences which we can imagine among which those of a " new war " ! What would become Europe ?

Finally, and something which appears to us to be essentia: what is the impact of the current crisis on the real Economy ? ...

And always for the rest, we can only suggest to the Reader to consult the Projected Note of 26 Mars 2009, HORIZON 2010 - on 2030 :

That it is allowed us to wish to you good Christmas and new Year holidays 2011 and a Maid and a Happy Year of 2012 !

December 21 th, 2011
Administrateur Unique
Observatoire Mondial Géostratégique S.A. Luxembourg